Today is August 7, 2020
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Total Exertion. by Amanda22Jane
August 2020

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Total Exertion.
by Amanda22Jane

The latest entry is August 5, 2020

Walking-for-life journal, and all related things like body resistance exercise and eating.

I weigh in at last glance, with a sports professional, at 108.40.
Before that, I weighed in at 109.20. I need to get down to 85-90 kilos. That is the professional advice from a sports specialist. Medical advice differs again. My doctor has said 70-75 kilos.

Body image has an important place in self-esteem. I'm not going to lose my mind over weight loss. Or feel like shit getting there.
A holistic approach is best for me : sound mind, healthy emotional life and Raquel Welsh curves!
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