Today is July 6, 2022
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Timeline changes as of 2019/10/29 by Superm4ssive
July 2022

November 2019

Timeline changes as of 2019/10/29
by Superm4ssive

The latest entry is November 15, 2019

A Timeshift event occurred at some point before this night; these are ongoing self-reports of changes that had been made

The Assassination of Bob Marley

In the mid-70's, Bob Marley and the Wailers were set to perform during a political rally. But, times being times and opposition being tough, two days before the scheduled performance, during a closed-garage rehearsal at one of the musicians' home, there was an attack. Several roughians armed with blunt weapons forced their way into the so-called studio and proceeded to not only destroy the equipment, but savagely beat the band members before fleeing the scene.

Rumors spread of the band's injuries, and speculations of cancelling the concert, but on the day, with a broken collar bone, three cracked ribs, and his right leg in cast, Marley appeared with a crew of enthusiastic musical volunteers, and historically stated that the powers of evil and injustice never rests, so neither can he.

Some weeks later, on a Friday morning in early 1977, while walking down the street with a crutch in one arm and a bag of groceries in the other, Marley was approached and shot in the chest four times at point-blank range; he was pronounced dead upon arrival by emergency medical responders. While many witnesses were present (and reportedly did come forth), no actionable information on the attacker was ever gleamed.

This is what I remember of world history surrounding Robert Nesta Marley, but on 29 October 2019 I first learned that this knowledge, this entire history, is entirely false; according to established record, on the supposed day of the attack (dude I could never remember the original dates coz they were never important, just know it was around the turn to Spring), Marley was attacked at his home, and shot several times, yet he (and his wife who was shot in the head) survived and following the attack he pushed on with the performance, tying the 'if they never rest, how ever could I' motif to a close.

In this SpaceTime, Bob Marley died on 11 May 1981, from basically skin cancer, according to current records. And I wish I had paid more attention so I could counter with another date of demise, but it was in January 1977, four whole years prior.

This is the basis of this journal, and following entries are made to outline discrepancies between the world I once knew and the one I Current in
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