Today is July 6, 2022
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My new journal conspiracy by Ghostwritingconspira
July 2022

August 2021

My new journal conspiracy
by Ghostwritingconspira

The latest entry is August 16, 2021

Believe at your own risk

What I've been told from a hotel guest. I work as a desk clerk at a well known hotel chain. The guest was feeling talkative and this is what he told me.
I was told something today by one of our hotel guest not sure how accurate it is ,but hear goes. First of all his name is Wayne and he claims to of worked for CNN. The geo of CNN claims to of told them Quote " If you work for me you worship me as god god has no place in CNN broadcasting" After he claimed to of said that a lot of the people including this Wayne guy he was one of the CEO's main workers...aka worked closely with him About 100,or so employees walked out. After that CEO was bought out by time warner the CEO doesn't work there any more. This guy also informed me that the corona virus was not made in China at all, but Atlanta Georgia. Wayne knew the scientist personally who made the virus in petri dish as a type of population control and according to him Obama sold this virus to China as a form of population control . There by China being blamed for the corona virus they were not suppose to let it out of China. but they inadvertently did causing the corona outbreak 2020. This is just what he told me because he knew the scientist personally that made it. Then he also tells me the delta variant is bad, but the third one they come up with not sure what it will be called will be the worst thing that will come about in the world worst than anything else we have ever had in all of history of viruses. This guy also told me that the way they make the interstates with the high walls not sure this is even true either ,but he said it is a way to keep the poor, and poverty stricken people in their cities and keep them under control and so they could be kept down and not allowed to infiltrate's other more prominent ,and high class cities. I am not sure how and why that would do anything ,but he heard this from when he was working for CNN. It is a form of controlling the poor. This guy claims this third strain of the cure for corona will do what it set out to do population control. I have no idea if it is the truth, or it is false?? The guy after leaving CNN started working for Fox news and the way people were talking there and at CNN this was the subject they were talking about. If he really knew this scientist personally who created the corona virus in a petri dish may be something to look into . I have not the time, or resources to investigate if this is true any of this ,but I thought I would put it out hear and see if any one else wants to do some research on this. Honestly makes sense I can see China wanting to control their population but not wishing to put it out there for the public because they would get a even worst rep. Look what they did a while back only two kids per household and the boys were preferred over the girls ?? So if any one wants to investigate this any people into conspiracy theories? The guy is now a ordained ministry and his partner and him work for this man who has a cleaning supplies business been at our hotel for several days waiting for the go ahead to move on to other cities with their jobs. According to him the best thing to do for people is head off grid, or head out of the U.S. entirely or head to the woods stay out of the cities because like he told me the third strain of the cure or shot for the corona virus will hit America like a atomic bomb to everyone else it will be the cure what it really is a way of population control. Use this information as you will is there really truth to this....or is it just something of a lie told to stir things up. seriously seemed genuine. scary accurate. like holy shit that makes sense especially China wanting to control their population.
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do your own research or don't sounds weird but maybe weird enough to be rue?? I.D.K.

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