Today is May 24, 2019
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My journey into becoming a Slut by Tonya
May 2019

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My journey into becoming a Slut
by Tonya

The latest entry is November 25, 2017

How I came to be a SLUT and a WHORE.

Many years ago, I willingly gave myself to a woman I loved, as her fully owned sex slave. After much indoctrination I felt that I existed only to serve others. That I was only good enough to be used for their pleasure. The love of my life sold me and I accepted that she had the right. I was sold many times over the years, always doing my best to please my new owners. I have been used in every sexual way possible, I have been a bondage slave. I have worked a regular job to provide income to my owners. I have been whored out. I have been abandoned for years only to have a new owner claim me and abuse me. My body has been altered and abused.

But I have finally found my place in life. I have been addicted to sex for so many years I canít stop and since I an a whore at heart now, that is what I do. I run a whore house. I have silent partners who have their own whores and rent me out their best girls. We provide a wanted service and are making quite a lot of money. My girls are always treated like queens and our clients are the cream of the crop, who are vetted very carefully.

I love my new life and am thankful for the journey that brought me here.
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