Today is October 1, 2022
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Privacy Policy takes your privacy seriously. We want journalers to feel free to express themselves in complete anonymity. The only information made public about you is the information you choose to reveal about yourself.

What about registration information? will never share your registration information with any other organization or website. It is for use on this website alone. The only pieces of registration information we will make public are your user name, which may be any fictitious name you choose, your gender, sexuality and approximate age.

What about my email address? will NEVER reveal your email address unless YOU choose to do so. The only place it may appear is in the Forum section where YOU MAY CHOOSE to reveal it in your personal profile. If you do not make this choice, your email address will remain completely private. may send you occasional updates about the website to your email address. If or when we do, we will make sure you have a way to refuse future mailings if you do not want to receive them.

Any other questions or concerns?

Feel free to post them in the Help Forum after you have registered.

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