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Friends Don't Let Friends Play Drunk
March 12, 2019

Went to a play party last night. This is a party where people into BDSM, leather or fetishes get together and play. Sometimes, people come to watch, but most people participate. They, are usually held at clubs or at people's houses and they usually have people there called Dungeon Monitors who act as like bouncers to make sure everyone is being safe and everything is consensual.

So at this party, which was held in a local S&M club, a private club, there was alcohol being served. Some guy had his submissive with him and he had her in suspension and he was obviously drunk. She was being whipped while in suspension, which ordinarily, like who would care? Still, she kept saying her safe word and it was like he didn't even hear her... I finally went and got a dungeon monitor to go over there and the guy was ejected. The submissive was allowed to stay, but she elected to drive her Dominant home...

This just makes me sick. If these people love each other, are fond of each other, have friendly feelings for each other, why the hell would you let someone you had any kind of feelings for get drunk or do drugs while doing BDSM activities? I just don't get thatt... It just really bugs me. Even if you are playing with someone you don't know, you should still respect them as a person enough to not allow them to get plastered...

That kind of behavior dishonors the whole community....
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