Today is October 26, 2020
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shadow by manofthehouse
March 2020

March 16, 2020

Not very many regrets. I've enjoyed training sluts to reach their full potential for the most part. Some have pleased me; some have let me down - which only means they let themselves down! What heights (and depths) they might have achieved through me! I do not regret for a moment their pain and torment at my hand and direction. I once brought a girl to her knees in orgasmic agony in the middle of a crowded street. That's a pleasant memory.

I'm no longer looking for that perfect slave and cum-addict. She does not exist. I am at that point where if I ever found someone else to train, I might toy with her for a bit, just to give her a taste of what she might attain, and then release her to chew on bitter regret for ever knowing me, showing her the door to only slam it in her face.

I understand that may sound cruel.

I have not been on this site for quite some time. Tempus fugit.
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