Today is July 15, 2019
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Subjectivity by Yanosz
March 2019
7Yes, I am back, this time, to stay!
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Would you...Tell me a story?
March 18, 2019

Back in the day of internet ancientness, we had bulletin boards. You could post, get advice and share things... and the world was good.

Then, we got Yahoo! Groups and you could share even more, and the world was even better.

Eventually, we got Facebook, Insta, Twitter, et al, and the world went to hell.

Now, don't get me wrong, I use FB and Twitter. I admit it, but I don't use them to excess. I share important articles on Twitter. On Facebook, I share articles, pics of dogs for sale, opinions I have on things, etc... what do I not do?

I don't look at picture after picture after picture. I don't look at all your vacation snaps, the 15 different pics of your dog you posted that you took while he was getting in the car or the endless pics of your beautiful perfect children and spouses. I don't read posts about what you ate for dinner, that you did your laundry, that you slept well last night or that you've farted six times in the past twenty minutes.

Don't get me wrong, pictures of all those things, amusing anecdotes about your child playing hide and seek and getting stuck in the laundry chute are funny. Pics of your pets/working dogs and spouses and kids doing cool things are nice to see. People asking for advice? Well, that's ok, too, but let's have some moderation, please.

Do I need to see 10 pics of you and your service dog on the same train on the same day? Do I really need to see 10 different videos of your kids in the pool on the same night during your vacation? One or two of each is fine...

I'd much rather you told me a story. Facebook is the only format that is conducive to storytelling. Tell me about training your service dog. Tell me how your parent influenced your life. Tell me about your doctor's visit, vacation to germany or what you think about animal, vegetable or mineral. Tell me. Use your keyboard and *WRITE*. Tell me what it felt like to win the Iditarod or the Yukon Quest, don't show me the win picture... write me a story... Engage me... Make me interested... and, if you don't want to write, well, buy me a beer, sandwich or cup of coffee and tell me then.
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