Today is July 15, 2019
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Subjectivity by Yanosz
March 2019
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16This State of Confusion
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This State of Confusion
March 16, 2019

It is so sad to see pain patients suffering for the lack of pain medication...

Ok, I am a pain patient. I used to use medication and I still do on occasion. I have a prescription for a powerful painkiller that must last me three months. I get 30 pills for a three month period. For every day, I use mmj, medical marijuana, and/or kratom.

For a lot of people I know, these things don't work. I know pain patients, both online and in person, who have tried herbs, acupuncture, meditation, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, nerve blocks, steroid injections, radio frequency ablation, all kinds of other procedures, stem cell transplant, platelet rich plasma injections, NSAIDs, nerve medications, muscle relaxants, antidepressants and a voodoo hippy... And, you know what? None of that works for them. Some of the slaves I know deal with severe pain. Nothing works but opioids. Yet they are being refused their medication. I know one woman, not in the ls, who a mere two years ago, backpacked, rode horses, kayaked, biked and hiked and because of a 90% reduction in her pain medication, she is bedridden. Is this medical genocide? I have to wonder...
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