Today is August 20, 2019
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Subjectivity by Yanosz
March 2019
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Back Aways
March 8, 2019

Back in 2010, Master Hudson had to take a job offer in the Boston area. I had two choices. Either stay in Alaska where nothing D/s ever happened, or move to Boston where the D/s opportunities are endless. I decided to move with him and I haven't regreted it since.

My service dog past away in 2015, and I have another one now, a German Shepherd named Snape. He's a good dog, but he's not the dog I lost.

This leather family is quite large. It's not in Boston proper, but rather just outside it on a 230 acre piece of land owned by one of the members. I've been here since 2011 and we have lots of fun here.

We give service to the community as a whole, vanilla and otherwise, we give workshops to other Master/slave and D/sub couples. They can be day long, week long or over the weekend. We also do a lot of things, seminars and such for beginners or dabblers as we call them. It's fun and I surprisingly love teaching.

I have a slave who's name is sheridan. He used to be a Master but became my slave. I live most of my time as a primal. This family calls itself a wolf pack and the animal and calling are fitting.

I'd better go. My slave has just brought me dinner.

Thank you sheridan.

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