Today is May 24, 2019
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Chloe's Closet by chloe38d
February 2018
12Jungle and Shopping Mall

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Jungle and Shopping Mall
February 12, 2018

Just a few days to go before the Chinese New Year holiday. Weather has gone hot again as it does at this time of year after the rains. My garden is getting established. We now have two Pakistani guys - Rahid and his friend whose name I haven't learned yet - coming on Sundays to do some planting and cut the grass. I was thrilled to find garlic vines - big purple flowers as exotic as orchids - in my local nursery and they put in a couple of those to climb the fence.

They also put in three durian saplings at the back of the house. A. went to KL to collect them from the guy who had developed this new variety - AFAS50 - which fruits in just 3 years and only grows to 15 feet. The photos they have of the full grown trees fruiting - you have to prop up the branches because there is so much fruit. I do so hope these trees will fulfil that promise. Durians cost the earth right now. The Chinese have discovered how completely wonderful the fruit is and prices have shot sky-high with most fruit being exported.

Our eight cats have settled in OK. We never meant to have as many but there were the back lane strays as well as out adopted cat family, and we couldn't bear to leave them behind. We had hope the high wire fence would keep them in the garden but they have no problem climbing over it and slipping under the gate. I get a bit worried because there's mainly just jungle around us. Thick secondary forest. You wouldn't be able to walk in there without a parang to chop back the undergrowth step by step. And there is wildlife in there. Undoubtedly snakes, including cobras and pythons, and wild boar that will charge at you with their tusks. There is also a pack of wild dogs - actually abandoned pets I think. One of my cats got badly bitten a few weeks ago and had to have six stitches but is fine now.

We have wild jungle chickens - this morning saw a magnificent cockerel strutting his stuff. We had a huge fish owl on our fence (staring into a temporary pool full of tadpoles on the other side)one night and there are coucals and eagles and kingfishers. I need to start going out for walks now ... with a big stick and a pair of binoculars.

We're not really in the wilds though. A shopping mall has come up just five minutes drive away with a very good supermarket (a branch of the same one I used to go to in the city), a Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and Borders books. The mall carpark probably has the most beautiful views of any carpark in the world! - looks over a large green field belonging to a university and over to rainforest covered hills. There are apartment blocks and more going up (so the construction noise is part of the soundtrack of my life at the moment).

Internet access is terrible. Can't get online at all at times on my computer though my phone is OK. Not sure how to sort it out. This makes me feel down. But less time spent in front of a screen is not a bad things as there is so much else I can do.
Am reading much more.
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