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September 2022

Catching up,, again
September 3, 2022

A few years has passed since my last real entry. I'm still painting for a living, a lot of the time I'm working with my ex-s brother. I still talk to the ex, Z, on occasion but he once again, has be blocked. And that's just fine. I ceased to care what he thinks/feels/does long ago. But he's still fun in bed.

I've had a couple dates since my last entry in 2019, but I'm still single, still looking. Six months ago, I saw a guy on a dating app I'd belonged to forever with no luck. I felt compelled to reach out to him for some reason. It nagged me for days after seeing his profile. I sent him a couple messages, which he ignored. After me bugging him, he finally started talking to me. Fast forward to now, we're best friends. I talk to him almost daily; we have dinner together a couple times a week. He's become a huge part of my life. I would like to date him, but he won't go for it. I'm not exactly sure of why, I thought it was because I've gotten heavy, again. He says that's not the reason. My last guess is, he is a pretty heavy drinker, and I can't drink. I still smoke pot, and he can't because of his jerb. He has a damn good job, which are scarce in Illinois.

My last entry in 2019 was about my kitty baby's passing. I had also, then recently, taken in a fuzzball of a kitten I named, Ramble. Aka.. Pooty Cat. After Onyx passed, I adopted a kitten for Ramble to play with. He and Rascal became fast besties, they were inseparable. In the fall of 2020, there was a possum that moved into our garage. She was docile enough, spent most of her time sleeping in various nooks of the garage. She'd come out to eat the cat food left down for my critters, then go back to her cubby. I didn't think anything about it, I really enjoyed watching her live her life. Spring came, Ramble was full grown by then, weighing in at 15 pounds, a gorgeous long haired tux kitty with a mustache and goatee. He'd become very lethargic, at first I didn't really notice because he's a chonky cat,, they all seem lethargic. Then, he just stopped coming to me when I called them to come inside for the day. Day 3 of that, I knew something was definitely wrong. I took him to the animal hospital, they did some tests, and things didn't look good. They kept him overnight, and he just kept going downhill. He'd contracted a virus from eating after the possum in the garage. The virus attacked his organs, shutting them down one by one. By the time I could get to the vet the next morning to say goodbye to him, he was either unconscious, or screaming/writhing in pain. A month after having to have him put down, his bestie, Rascal, was killed in the woods behind the house by another animal.

Right after my 2 boys were gone, a friend reached out to me about 2 teeny kittens that were found in a box on the side of the road. They were about 5 weeks old. I took them in, of course. About 4 weeks later, someone found a tiny grey fluffball on their front porch. I took him in too. So, now there's Pudge, Smudge, (the box boys) and Gandalf the Grey.
I also still have my orange female kitty, Rumple, who turned 10 this year and Emerald who is now 17 and just days away from passing. As for the dogs,,, it's been a hard couple of years. Diva Doo, whom I found on the side of the road one night, passed 5 days before Christmas a couple years ago. My Spikey,, my heart and soul,, disappeared in March of 2021. I still haven't recovered from that. Not sure I ever will. My Ma had just gotten home from being away for 3 months. The dogs were so happy to see her. Spike's health wasn't good, I hadn't been letting him out at all because he was so frail. I'd been mentally preparing to help him across the rainbow bridge for weeks. I was going to do it after Ma got a chance to say goodbye to him. When she got home that night, it was about to thunderstorm,, big time. When she got here, the dogs all went nuts as usual. And it's a tradition of some sort with the dogs, as soon as she gets home, she has to let them outside to potty, even if they've just been out. That night, was no different. She set her bags down, and we all headed to go outside. Ma picked up Spike to carry him out. I told her, I hadn't been letting him out lately because he can't handle the terrain without falling over repeatedly. He was so excited and so I went against my gut feeling, and said to go ahead and bring him outside with us. He headed out into the dark yard, Ma and I stood by the back door talking and smoking. We weren't out there maybe 8 minutes, 10 tops. I'd stepped back while Ma rounded up the dogs to come back inside. Spike, didn't come back. He was pretty much deaf, so yelling for him does no good. We grabbed flashlights and started combing the yard looking for him. He's just,,, gone. I was prepared to lose him, but not like that. It completely broke my heart. About 5 months later, I had to have Spatsi, his lady companion, put down. She was 15, Spike was 17. So, for dogs I now have Miss Mayhem, who turned 12 in July, Max,, age unknown but I've had him for 5 years. And a couple months ago, I took in a big dog, named Cocoa. Cocoa, killed a kitty named, Paco, I'd taken in about 2 years ago from a guy dying of cancer. His dying wish was that his best buddy not go to a shelter because of his death. Paco was a good kitty, a complete goofball that only liked to cuddle on his own terms.

More later,, the new bestie wants to go bike riding.
Peace out!
Jar of Flies
by Maze
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