Today is November 26, 2022
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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
October 2022

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October 22, 2022


Its been a while since ive written. I do stop by every day to read my favorites. I guess its easier to not write stuff down, specially when things aren't also so great. I dont need a reminder of that.

Summer went by so quickly, yet we did literally nothing, but work. August was a shitshow, my car decided to shit the bed the moment i paid it off. So, i had to trade it in, and my payment is literally $200 more between the loan and the insurance going up. Then, Noah gets fired from Walmart. I count on him helping me with the bills, so losing that money was rough. Thankfully He got another job quickly, and was able to get a little bit of unemployment before heading back to work.

He seems to be doing okay, So is Jake for the most part. Work, is a semi controlled dumpster fire. The only good thing is I've been going between the 3 offices, working and that makes for fanstatic mileage checks. That money helped me book my ticket to see Delaney, and take a week off and do what we wanted together.

That being said, The overall trip was fun. But, She made things out to be fantastic there and they are far from it. Chris is a asshole.

They came and got me at the airport, I flew into Seattle, and I've never been there, this is the first time I've been able to go out and visit her since she moved out there in December 2018. So, her and I was excited, we made plans to go to the space needle from the airport and then maybe get food in Seattle and look around. Well, he decided he was boss, and those plans did align with his. We did get to go to the space needle, but he refused to go up with us, and sat at the bottom, texting her over and over asking if we were done yet. I wanted to stay for a while, first of all it was $35 to get in! Second, they have wine stations there, they have a restaurant at the top, I wanted to eat and drink there! But no. so dee found a cute little cafe a mile or so away where you could get coffee and play with cats, it was a cat cafe. He said nope. Seattle was full of crime, and he was tired, and his back hurt, and he wanted to go home. We got less than a hour to visit the space needle and go into the gift shop. I was mad, and she knew it, but Dee caters to him.

The drive back, He literally was weaving in and out of traffic, going as fast as 90 MPH. I was so sick to my stomach, and scared shitless. I say something, he doesnt say anything but all Dee would say is, "I trust him" So, a hour into the drive back, he stops at some road side market and goes in and get us a slice of pizza. It literally tasted like cardboard. Thanks Chris.

We get back to their house. The outside of it literally looks like a redneck junk yard, that included 3 roaming chickens, and 2 more that are caged. His older brother Ray bought the place, AS IS, they moved in together, and there is a room mate also, Jordan (he owns the caged chickens)

The inside of the house is nice. Delaney, for the most part has fixed it up nice. There was still a ton of boxes that needed unpacked. Which we worked on once we came back from the beach. We get in, get settled, and Chris has to work the next day (friday) and he tells delaney and i that he cannot sleep on the couch, so he's just going to say at a friends house while im there. WTF? So, he showers and leaves. She, of course, loves this MF, so she just smiles and takes it.

So, friday, he left her the car, we shop, we eat, we get our things ready for the trip, I had booked us a hotel room for saturday night at Cannon Beach, OR. We wanted to see Haystack Rock and just bum around the town, and hang out. He comes home from work, saying he's sick, and he dont feel good and he doesnt want to go. I'm secretly cheering yes!!! She gets so upset that he doesnt want go. He offers to pay for us to stay another night at the hotel that i booked. So, i said LET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! So, He did. We get up Saturday morning, load up the car, He calls her and tells her exactly which route he NEEDS her to take to get to our destination.

WHAT THE FUCK? We are grown adults. We have GPS on our phones, we will be fine. Nope. Dee does whatever he says. so into the GPS goes the way he says to go. Cannon Beach is 5 hours from where she lives, so it was a road trip. We did not have to hurry, we just planned on mosying, having fun, stopping and eating, and taking pictures, and we did, but the route was through the middle of no where, through the mountains, which was full of smoke, from forest fires. I felt anxious and fretful, not to metion the smell of burning was driving us both crazy. So we eventually got to where we could get off and onto a main high the rest of the way, and i told her we are NOT going this way home. .

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