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November 2020

November 20, 2020

I woke up from another one of those exhausting ex-job dreams again this morning. Getting really tired of those nightmares.

Almost finished with this book. Feminists would probably love it. It gives me a different perspective.

When I went to walmart earlier this afternoon, as I was parking my car there was a white dude and black dude walking towards a car that was catty-corner to mine, that was already parked. They had a cart full of something, and the white guy was on the phone. They both looked like they were in their 50's, and portly. They initially looked like work buddies.
I figured out that the black dude was trying to steal like 10 cases of beer that he had stuffed into his buggy, and the white guy had followed him out and was threatening to call the cops. I looked briefly at them both as I got out of my car, and then the black dude bailed and told the white dude "Fuck you," as he drove off.
The white dude pushed the cart back into the store, ahead of me, and I overheard the girl checking mask compliance at the entrance saying that they couldn't touch a person if they were stealing, just that they could call the cops.

Things could have gone drastically different in a matter of seconds. Somebody could have gotten blasted if there was a gun anywhere, and I never would have known the wiser until it was too late. Perhaps.

This place is getting too violent. About a month ago a guy pulled over to help what he thought was a disabled motorist near the entrance ramp to I-85, at around 530 in the morning. Well, he got shot, and then he got the gun put in his mouth, but the other guy stole his car and let him live.
Thankfully they caught the assailant just yesterday. He is an 18 yr old punk.
Again, I live about right in the middle between Atlanta and Charlotte. Greenville is the biggest city nearby, which is about 25 miles away. Still, this is not the place I grew up in as a kid.

I hate thuggish behavior and posturing. I don't care if you're a redneck Trump supporter yelling that you hate somebody else, a black person all hooded out and looking tough, a hispanic person with face tattoos, or a military person that thinks they are all hardcore.
by Zombalaya
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