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October 2020

October 16, 2020

Finished "In the Garden Of Beasts" yesterday, and then checked out a book called "Nomadland." It's about people that permanently live on the road. The ones that live in campers or rvs or even their sedans. So far I've only read about the first nomad, named Linda.
I wouldn't want to live that way unless I had the money to do it. If I ever won the lotto, perhaps I would hit the road. Why not, at least for me?

I've lived in apartments all of my adult life, and even that has its benefits. The biggest things are I don't have to do any maintenance, and I don't have yard work to do. I haven't mowed grass since I was like 16 years old.

When my cousins in Maryland were younger, that's all they used to do to make money. Mow grass all around Golden Beach, MD, which is not really a beach area at all, but more like this large area with houses that's set away from the highway by more than 10 miles. The place stinks, though, physically. Smells like sulfur is in the water.
I used to go up there on the cousin-exhange program, which was basically instituted by my mom and her whore sister to swap kids for the summers when we were coming of age, to keep us in the dark about their habits. I was the oldest, so I started getting shipped up there first, when I started realizing our life in SC was all about some bullshit. My aunt would send down her similarly aged children in a one-to-one swap.
I don't even like that part of my family. They have some kind of dominant gene where all of them have the same facial features too, and it makes them look like trolls. The one that is my age is crude and a slick talker. I punched him in the nose one time because he said I was just like my sister.
Blood everywhere.

And I have done jack today. Lots of sleeping. I bought a bag of black licorice yesterday afternoon and it was gone by mid-morning.

I wonder what gave me that one day of depression last week about this time. I had eaten most of a jar of spicy pickles, so maybe that was it.
I have this book on macrobiotics that I don't adhere to, and in the book the author talks about foods having yin and yang energy. I forget which foods have what, but pickles seemed to have tipped the balance in the wrong direction. The next day I was depressed and bought some ice cream, chips and cheese. Isn't there a stereotype about pregnant women wanting pickles and ice cream or something like that? Thank god I'm not a woman, though. I don't know if I could put up with men's shit and would probably be a lesbian if I was a woman. Who knows, though.

Now I've started to try playing this free video game called Planetside 2, but it is frustrating so far. All I do is get killed, and I have no idea what is going on. I limit myself because of that, too, and I can tell it is an addicting title.

Started eating greek yogurt about a week ago. I don't know who they're trying to fool. They should just call it smoothy cream cheese.
I am on the fence about probiotics, too. We've all read for years and years about how yogurt and kefir and kombucha are supposed to be good for our guts, but lately I've been reading that people really are overdoing it, to the point where some doctors are saying people should only take probiotics if they are prescribed.

That's the problem with nutrition information. There's always some other person that says X is not X, that Y is X, and then it gets so confusing. I'm lucky in that I don't have any intolerances and can pretty much eat whatever I want to. I do stay away from shellfish though because of my impaired liver. Something about a virus or condition that could develop from eating stuff like that. I never really ate any anyway, except when I would go to Red Lobster, and that's been years and years ago. Then I would only eat fried clams, shrimp and scallops. I've never been a lobster or crab person. Too much mess and hassle, and lobster just tastes like a rubber sole to me. Crab is ok, but again, not my thing. I would rather just eat fish, I guess. Except sushi. That is nasty, as is chunk light canned tuna. I can deal with the albacore canned tuna, but nothing else. Just the idea of eating any kind of meat out of a can is a unappetizing to me, even if it is in a soup.
I've had octopus before, which again tasted like a rubber sole, and I've had chicken gizzards, which tasted like a rubber ball. When I was a kid my mom used to make chicken livers, which were extremely salty but probably really beneficial to my growth or something. I wouldn't eat them today. Just gross.

by Zombalaya
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