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September 2020

September 14, 2020

The power went out today at 1p and then came back on around 414p.
One of the neighbors was moving out, or in the process of doing so. Maybe it was someone moving in, I don't know. I just saw the moving truck with the back opened up and not a lot of stuff on it, so they were probably loading it.
There are 8 units in this building, 600 units in the complex. I only have an issue with the noise coming from the upstairs neighbors. I caught about 30 seconds of it on video and sent it to my brother, because I am always complaining about it but he's never heard it when he's been over. After listening to it he said it sounded like Silent Hill, which I guess is a reference to a horror movie I've never seen.
The people across the breezeway are loud when they are outside, as it's usually the older mother yelling out at someone leaving in their car. Just unnecessary loudness, but it's brief.

The best apartment for noise, or the lack thereof, was one I lived in for about 5 years in Oakton, VA. They were built in the 60's and are concrete and brick. I couldn't hear anything in my apartment there. Except this one kid that would be kicking a soccer ball that sometimes hit the outside wall. The ball landed on my patio one time and I just snatched it up and took it inside, threw it back out at a later time.
I lived there with Sandra for four years, sometimes breaking up with her and kicking her out. She was a total wreck. I thought I was a bad alcoholic when I was one, but I had NOTHING on her. I'm surprised she didn't die sooner than she did.


Had some dream last night where we (the U.S.) were getting bombed by aircraft, and it was sooooo real. People were running everywhere, and I remember seeing this one bomber going across the sky and I was running, and some of the bombs hit in front of me. When they hit they would turn into lions, though, and then they would dash off into the treeline and disappear in there, so you couldn't run into the woods to hide either. A terrifying dream, to say the least. Where my brain comes up with this stuff is anyone's guess.

While the power was out I had to go lie down on the bed after a time, because the recliner was stuck in a weird upward position, being all electrically adjusted. I took the time to experiment and see if I could sleep in the bed yet, but after about 30 minutes my shoulders started hurting. I've gotten very used to the recliner, and actually have no problem whatsoever falling and staying asleep in it. The problem is that I spend a lot of time in it otherwise, too. Whether I'm reading or playing guitar, or just surfing on my phone and stretching out, trying to meditate, etc.

I'm about to go slide into it right now...
by Zombalaya
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