Today is October 23, 2020
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Changing the Subject by Precious2
January 2020
27Modern day slave Auction in North Carolina

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Modern day slave Auction in North Carolina
January 27, 2020

Live channels in a very long time I have three granddaughters who are now in North Carolina my daughter went down there against everyone's better judgment flipped out and lost her kids our family has never been in any trouble we have never been to jail he have never been through dff we are not problematic people my children were in the custody of Department of Social Services where the case was rammed by every single person who was like immediately they told us that we did not qualify to get these children they locked us out of court help my children for 2 years and now they have proceeded on selling my children as if it was a modern day slave auction we were never given even one opportunity to stand up for children that we have raised since birth I'm putting this out here because I'm hoping somebody on my journal knows anything about something like this but if anything you contact me because I am about to blow North Carolina off the man they sold my children I felt like slaves standing on the side Barry Master not to sell my children we have never been in trouble and we were not given one opportunity to stand up for our kids we would treat it like Vermin and mold lives a statement was made even though we found nothing on you in Baltimore we figured you just probably never got caught my mother retired from Northrop Grumman my sister worked as a legal aid in the sending unit children in need of assistance I myself have been a nursing assistant medicine and I've also path to federal background checks when I started working for the casino when I found out I had cancer I and my family does not deserve to be treated in this manner and my children I've lost an entire generation anybody who reads this passed away on please thank you
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