Today is August 3, 2020
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What's In My Heart by Precious2
July 2020
9They're really coming home
19So, I really need to do this more often
20Is this Crazy
30I can't remember the last happy birthday

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I can't remember the last happy birthday
July 30, 2020

This is crazy today is my daughter's birthday just so I won't be giving out everything I'll just call her tea happy birthday t but now I just want to Children back and it's going to be another setback although we are now promise and guarantee that there will be after this covid-19 is over with and they start doing out-of-state home studies the children will be coming back so hopefully it's soon as early next year so I guess I'm just going to have to practice patience but I do know that they will be coming home so that's all I can say for now so I can be reminded of these days reminded how much but how much better it's going to get now I know this looks like a run-on sentence but these days my eyes were bad so I don't do a lot of typing do a little Google talking and I hope it's clear welcome back in and fix it another day if you can keep up dining out for now
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