Today is November 26, 2022
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Entertain me by Christine
October 2022
19The "To Be Read" Game (of sorts)

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The "To Be Read" Game (of sorts)
October 19, 2022

Not sure if I shared this before. If so, I forgot I did. If not, I hope this is interesting to you. Thanks for reading.

So, I haven't finished a book in a while. I've started maybe a half-dozen in the past 3-4 months, but only got as far as a chapter or two each. That's sad.

I had created a reading game a while back in the hopes that I would read more, but I promptly forgot about it when the page with the rules on it slipped out of sight.

I found the page again and am hoping to seriously try it out for the rest of this year and hopefully fall into a rhythm with it next year.

For anyone interested in what I came up with, read on.


One needs a six-sided die, a die or dice with the highest number they're willing/wanting to read in a month, and a full deck of playing cards (jokers optional).

-Roll your preferred die to determine how many books to read that month.
-Shuffle and place the deck of cards face-down.
-Roll the six-sided die. Pick that many cards up, looking at the last one. That card determines a choice.
-Roll again, if applicable, and repeat the previous step. The number of times that were on the preferred die.

I use a four-sided die because I doubt I can read more than four books in a month.

For the deck of cards, I include the jokers, and this is what I have for my game...

Ace - One you've been really wanting to read
2 - Double trouble, draw again (an additional book)
3 - Read a book from a series
4 - Lose a turn/book
5 - Top five / highest-rated book on your list
6 - Randomizer
7 - Lucky = save or give $1 right away
8 - Partner or favorite relative's choice
9 - Book from birth year
10 - Lowest-rated / oldest book on your list
J - Kindle Read / Audiobook ("jack-of-all-trades")
Q - Representation Matters (author and/or main character has to be a woman, BIPOC, and/or LGBTQIA+)
K - Free Pass / Get out of trouble (for that book only)
Joker = An intimidating book

As for the suits, I have...
Clubs = Fantasy
Diamonds = Sci-Fi
Hearts = Other
Spades = Non-Fiction

You have one month to read the selected books.

If you like rewards or more challenges, you could add the following...

At the end of the month...
For every completed book = $1 goes to you
For every incomplete book = $0.01/page left in the book goes to charity

At the end of the year...
If you completed your reading goals, pocket the money.
If not, give "incomplete money" to a charity of your choice.

For example, I roll my d4 and get a 3. So 3 books in one month.
First roll/card: 4 = Jack of Hearts ('other' genre on the kindle)
Second roll/card: 1 = Joker (an intimidating book)
Third roll/card: 4 = Another Joker (another intimidating book) I need to shuffle better.

To me, an intimidating book is either over 500 pages or one I've been putting off for some time.

Say I manage to read 2 of my 3 books and have about 300 pages left of an intimidating book. That means, $3 of that challenge would go to charity and I could pocket $2 for the completed books. Something like that.

Seems like a fun idea. I'm thinking in 10 days, I'll try this game to decide on November's books.

Oh, and hopefully over the weekend, I'll catch you up on maybe the memorable shows and movies we watched over the past five months.

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