Today is June 12, 2021
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Entertain me by Christine
March 2021
11"Six Wakes" into "Paranormal"

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"Six Wakes" into "Paranormal"
March 11, 2021

Nearly two months went by this time. Let's see the highlights so far...

I finally finished Six Wakes by Mur Lafferty on January 17. If you like sci-fi and cozy mysteries, this is a good book. I liked it enough that I hope to reread it sometime in the future.

Then, I started reading The Grey Bastards by Jonathan French a few days later. I'm just over 100 pages into it and so far, it's very interesting. If you like fantasy but with a biker gang twist, then this might be a good choice. I was looking for a non-traditional fantasy story, and I've enjoyed what I've read so far.

I'm still struggling to read a book at other times besides at night. At the rate I'm reading, I might need to rethink my reading goal of 12 books. But I'd rather read more than change my goal at this time. So I will continue to push myself to read at other times.

I'm just going to reflect on what I can remember instead of asking Tracy what we watched. So there might be a few shows or movies that might be missing.

On Amazon Video
The Expanse - We watched this every week and enjoyed it. It might not have been the best season, but it was still good. Can't wait for season 6.
Love and Monsters - This was my birthday movie choice. We really liked it. Kind of like "A Boy and His Dog" with monsters.

On Netflix
The Midnight Sky - This is a cerebral film and we really liked similar films in the past. This was better than we expected.
The History of Swear Words - I didn't really care for this show.
Outside the Wire - It was an okay, somewhat predictable movie.
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power - I liked this reboot of a cartoon from my childhood better than the original. There were more emotional connections to the characters than in the original. There were also a few things I didn't like, but overall, I thought it did well.
Devil's Gate - Netflix had this under sci-fi, I believe, but somewhere else said it was horror. Not sure... maybe a small-town mystery thriller with a dash of sci-fi and a splash of horror. It was okay.
Invisible City - We loved this show from Brazil. Mythological creatures from Brazil in a modern-day setting.
Dragon's Dogma - I did not know it was based on a video game. The animation was interesting (a mix of anime and CGI). There were only 7 short episodes, so we managed to watch the whole show in one day.
Paranormal - This gem of a show is Egyptian. An interesting twist on the supernatural genre. We really liked it and are hopeful for the second season.

Anyway, as always, I will hope and plan to be back here before the end of the month. Until then...

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