Today is January 17, 2021
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Entertain me by Christine
January 2021
13Catching up on 3 months worth...

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Catching up on 3 months worth...
January 13, 2021

Almost 3 months since I last updated this journal. From now on, I am hoping to write updates about twice a month this year and not let it slide again.

I am about halfway through Six Wakes by Mur Lafferty. I have yet to read more than a chapter this month. I am hoping against hope that I’ll finish this book this month and be able to get to 12 books this year. I just need to get into the habit of reading, and to read more than just at bedtime. I’m still working on this.

I really should try to write this up as I watch a show or movie. That way, I won’t have to ask Tracy to remember nearly 3 months of movies and shows that we watched. But here is what we’ve seen since my last update...

On Amazon Video…
Archive - A good sci-fi movie with an interesting twist. We liked it.
The Expanse - I am really liking the weekly episodes for the fifth season. Instead of just binging all the episodes in a few days, we have to wait with anticipation for the next episode each week. Tonight, we watch the newest episode.
The Last Days on Mars - This was so-so. Nothing new brought to the table in this sci-fi “monster” movie.

On Hulu…
Animaniacs - Watched two episodes for nostalgia’s sake. It was okay. I preferred Pinky and the Brain over the other characters.

On Netflix...
Alien Worlds - An interesting 4-part documentary that sparked my muse at times.
Always a Witch - An interesting show. While some parts were predictable, there were a few surprises. Currently starting the second season.
Blood of Zeus - We really liked this Netflix anime.
Canvas - This “silent” gem is only 9 minutes long, but has a lot of emotion in it. I loved it.
Death to 2020 - A somewhat funny, but rushed mockumentary that came out before 2020 was over. I think there were a few good laughs in the hour-plus special.
Hilda - The second season might not have been as good as the first season, it was still very enjoyable. I was surprised that it ended with a cliffhanger though, so I’m hoping there’s a third season.
Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts - I really liked this animated series, even though the climax seemed rushed.
Midnight Special - We thought this was a good movie with an ending that inspired my muse (who was bouncing off the walls of my mind by then).
Nobody’s Looking - I think this gem came from Brazil. We found it to be funny at times and good enough for a second season, which sadly we won’t get.
Prospect - I found this to be a decent sci-fi movie. I liked it.
The Good Place - It was funny at times. We liked it. I definitely like the idea presented in the fourth season.
The Magicians - We were partway through the second season when more interesting shows came up. Someday, we’ll return to watch the rest of this.
Tunnel - I really enjoyed this Korean speculative thriller show, with an interesting theme. I think it was only one season, but we liked it.

Anyway, hopefully my next update will be by the end of the month. Until then…

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