Today is June 14, 2021
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Entertain me by Christine
October 2020
6Yet Another Catch-Up...
13A book review...
19A New Book, Neverending Story (movie), and Recent Shows

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A New Book, Neverending Story (movie), and Recent Shows
October 19, 2020

Let's see what has entertained me in the past two weeks.

I finished that one book after trying to read it for over a year. You can read my review of it in my previous entry.

It took me a few days after that to pick my next book, but I've chosen "Six Wakes" by Mur Lafferty. I occasionally listen to this author's podcasts and Tracy had given the book to me two(?) years ago. According to spoiler-free reviews, it's a sci-fi cozy mystery. So far, I've read a chapter and a couple of pages.

I'm still only reading at bedtime, but I keep hoping that will change. I'm enjoying this book more than the last book. I want to be able to count it as being read this year, as I have to finish 4 more books before the end of the year, which is in just over 2 months.

The main reason why I jumped on this entry now and not later is that I finally got the courage to watch The Neverending Story before it leaves Netflix at the end of the month. I wanted to make sure it was fresh in my mind.

The Neverending Story was a movie from my childhood. I really liked it back then and was so excited to see it on Netflix, but I put off watching it for over a month because I was worried it would ruin the nostalgia for me (similar to when I watched The Last Unicorn as an adult). As an adult, I thought it was an okay movie that had not aged as well as I had hoped. The same scenes that affected me as a kid still got to me. If I thought of it as an 80s (older) kid's movie, it was entertaining. Not so much if I stopped to think about how the actors were acting and how the dialogue sounded. Overall, I am glad I watched it.

Other shows on Netflix that we've watched in the last two weeks...

Evil - I liked it. They definitely set it up for another season, which I hope they get.

The Haunting of Bly Manor - It's good, I think, though I'm enjoying some of the other characters more than the supposed main character. I'm curious to see if our predictions are right. Only a few more episodes to go.

Sword Art Online - We've only watched a handful of episodes so far, but I really like the premise (people trapped in a game). Hopefully, now that Tracy has better glasses, we can get back to watching it later this week (after we're done with the other show).

And, that's it. I hope to be back with another entry soon.

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