Today is June 12, 2021
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Entertain me by Christine
July 2020
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27Spot a Rant / Possible Reviews (Random Entry)

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Spot a Rant / Possible Reviews (Random Entry)
July 27, 2020

Since music entertains me (and speaks to me at times), I thought I would talk about it here.

I love listening to an assortment of music, with maybe the exception of "gangster rap". And I mostly enjoy listening to this assortment on a music app on my computer. The only complaint I have with it is that the ads are louder than the music. I don't mind having ads in order for it to be free, but they can be jarring when you're listening to something that might be a soft instrumental and suddenly a voice louder than the music breaks the flow with something unrelated to what you're listening to. I just need to try and find a volume where the music sounds great but where the ads won't kill my eardrums.
If we could afford it, I wouldn't mind this app's premium package (no ads, offline listening, etc).


I'm thinking one way for me to write in this journal more often is maybe to do reviews of what I watch, read, listen to, or even play. I could talk about things in more detail. Like maybe a publically known summary. And instead of just a simple "I liked it", I would explain what I liked/didn't like about it and what I wanted more of, without spoilers.

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