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Entertain me by Christine
July 2020
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Another Month to Catch Up On...
July 21, 2020

I was hoping to come in here on a weekly basis so that I didn't have to go hunting for the names of the books, movies, and shows I watched in the past month. But, here we are. Now, let's see what has entertained me this past month.

Does anyone use Goodreads to track/rate their reading? I've been using it since about 2010, I think. Or at least that's the date it has when I first added a book to it.

I have 4 books on there that I'm "currently" reading...

Killing Time by Caleb Carr (page 147/352) It's been at least a few days since I picked up this paperback (I blame the heat). It's a so-so sci-fi thriller where the chapters feel quick, but I'm having trouble connecting to the characters and story, so it's taking longer to get through.

The Year's Best Science Fiction (from 1995), edited by Gardner Dozois (page 351/700) I really like a few of the stories I've read so far. It's taking me a long time to read because one of the cats in the basement wants to read it too (or at least lays on the book whenever it's open).

Save the Cat! Writes a Novel (on the Kindle) by Jessica Brody (at 58%). I was reading this at a good clip, but then the heat got in the way. I don't know if I'll ever write a novel in this life, but I heard good things about this book. So far, it's good.

To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis (94/434) I read that many pages in one week of reading it, but I haven't read the book since late January/early February. I was enjoying it, so not sure why I'm not reading it. Maybe I can get back into it this week.

I doubt I'll read all 600+ books that we have in this house (in my lifetime) and not buy any new books, but I'll try to read as many as I can. I might need to reevaluate the books we have and see which ones I really want to read.

We have not been to a theater since last year (that I'm aware of). Not sure when we'll feel comfortable enough to go in one again.

We've watched a lot of stuff on Amazon and Netflix this past month. For some reason, Hulu does not want to work with our "Smart" TV. We don't watch any other streaming service. On average, we watch about 2-3 hours of TV a day/evening. We typically watch a season of a show throughout the week (averaging 2 episodes a day) and the weekends are usually reserved for a movie or two.

In alphabetical order, what we've watched...

3% (on Netflix) is better than I expected. I enjoyed the first season. It has a "different" dystopian feel to it. I'm interested to see what they do in season 2 (season 4 comes out in August).

AFK (on Amazon) was fun. It feels like a low-budget (crowdfunded) fantasy show about gamers that find themselves in the game, but the acting and story are good. I hope they'll be back for another season.

Attack on Titan (on Hulu) was okay. We managed to watch a few episodes, but the problem with Hulu on our TV has forced us to wait till either we get a new TV or the newer seasons appear on Netflix.

Comedy of Terrors (on Amazon) is a great classic with Vincent Price and Peter Lorre. I liked it.

Dark (on Netflix) was good. I enjoyed the various time-traveling timelines, even if it was confusing in a few spots. The series finale was more satisfying than the finale for Glitch. I was happy with this show.

Floor is Lava (on Netflix) is a silly game show. We've caught a few episodes just to see what it was like.

Freaks (on Netflix) was a decent sci-fi thriller about a family with super-powers in a world that does not accept their kind.

The Invisible Man (on Amazon) was good. A modern take on a classic. We actually rented this for our anniversary and enjoyed it. I really liked Elisabeth Moss's acting in this.

Knives Out (on Amazon) was a good comedy thriller/mystery, even if I figured out who the "bad guy" was partway through it. Good for a few laughs, though it could've been a bit shorter.

Maddigan's Quest (on Amazon) is a little gem from New Zealand. While aimed at kids and episodic in its short episodes, we enjoyed it. Kind of sci-fi fantasy with a post-apocalyptic setting and magic.

The Old Guard (on Netflix) was a fun action movie about a handful of immortals in the modern world. I would like to see a show come from it so that they could explore the lore, which they barely touched in the movie. It might not be as good as the Highlander franchise, but I liked it.

Vivarium (on Amazon) was a weird sci-fi(?) film. It had some interesting twists. It would've worked better as a short film. I felt bored at times and wanted the end to come sooner than later. Overall, it was okay.

Anyway... hopefully I'll be back before another month goes by.

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