Today is July 16, 2020
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Entertain me by Christine
June 2020
21Catching up yet again...
24Three Books on the Go

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Three Books on the Go
June 24, 2020

I am determined to get through these 600+ books while I'm alive, so I'm reading 3 books right now. Each one is in a different spot in the house, so if I feel like reading, there will be one within reach.

In the bedroom, I am reading "Killing Time" by Caleb Carr. I think I stopped at chapter 15 last night. They are short chapters and it feels like it'll be a quick read. I read it mostly at bedtime though, so I usually only get as far as a chapter or two before my eyes get heavy and I lose focus.

In the living room, I hope to return to "To Say Nothing of the Dog" by Connie Willis. I haven't opened that book since February, but I plan to read more of it today.

Downstairs, I am reading "The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirteenth Annual Collection" edited by Gardner Dozois. This collection was from 1995 and the summation was long but very interesting. Yesterday, I started reading the first story.

I've told myself that I have to finish at least 6 books before I can buy a "new" one. Since I read slowly and not all the time (I think I only finished one big book last year), six might be a challenge to reach before the end of this year. But I like a challenge (especially if I'm feeling competitive), so we'll see.

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