Today is June 13, 2021
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Entertain me by Christine
August 2016
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Recent Entertainment
August 11, 2016

I finished His Majesty's Dragons by Naomi Novik. I felt like it was a slow read, but it was OK. I gave it three stars.

Then I started reading The Sleeping Dragon by Joel Rosenberg, which I'm almost done, and I'm still near the beginning of The Dark Realm by Anthea Sharp.

I have well over 100 books to read, so I either need to read faster or stop buying books until I've made a dent in what I have.

We haven't been to the theater in a while, but we probably watched movies on Netflix. I just can't remember any titles at the moment.

Here is nearly a dozen shows that we've watched since May.

America's Got Talent (NBC)- I'm mostly interested in the auditions part of the show, but it's an OK show.
American Horror Story (Netflix) - I think we're on season 2, but we're enjoying it.
Dark Matter (SyFy) - It's an interesting show.
Fear The Walking Dead (AMC) - We are enjoying the season so far.
Game of Thrones (Netflix) - We're enjoying it, but we're only on season 3. Lots of catching up to do.
Houdini and Doyle (Fox) - A good show. We were sad to see it cancelled.
Mr. Robot (USA) - We really liked the first season, but the second season started slower than expected.
Orphan Black (BBCA) - It's OK. We'll probably watch the rest of the series, which is said to end after the fifth season.
Preacher (AMC) - I really enjoyed the first season.
Stranger Things (Netflix) - This was a fun show. Lots of nostalgia for the 80's kid in me.
The Last Ship (TNT) - It's an interesting season. I like it.

We also sometimes watch Jeopardy, Chopped, and the local news.

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