Today is September 21, 2020
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Entertain me by Christine
February 2015

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February 19, 2015

This is a "catching up" entry.

I finished Divine Intervention by Ken Wharton and gave it three stars. I liked the story, but it kind of had a cheap ending. Or at least I was hoping for more.
Next was Shadow by Dave Duncan. It's says it's science fiction, but sounds more like fantasy. Either way, I'm enjoying it. I should be finished it by the weekend.
I'm currently "one book behind" my goal of reading 26 books this year. I have a lot of big novels to read after this one. So, I either read during the day as well or I may end up lowering my reading goal this summer.

Nothing lately.

Just our usual shows. And with our cable acting up, we've either missed a few of our shows or had to watch them on demand.
Currently on that we like are:
12 Monkeys – It's better than the movie, in my opinion.
Arrow – Tracy likes this show more than me, but I like it.
Constantine – The cable messed up the recording of this show.
Forever – I like this show. It's like an immortal Sherlock Holmes that is also an M.E..
Gotham – One of our favorites that we hope is around for a long time.
Grimm – Another interesting one. I like it.
The Flash – It's in the same universe as Arrow. It's OK. I like it enough.
The Walking Dead – Our other favorite.

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