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Entertain me by Christine
August 2014
30Catching up...again.

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Catching up...again.
August 30, 2014

I can't believe that this journal has sat idle for 5 months. I was hoping to have posted in here frequently. Oh well. I'm here now and will hopefully again soon.

So…what have I been reading and watching since March?

I finished Blue Adept by Piers Anthony on April 9. It was OK, I guess, but not memorable. I gave it 3 stars on Goodreads for some reason.

Next book was Into the Wild (first book in the Warriors series) by Erin Hunter, which I read back in May. It was a quick and easy read…I liked it. I also gave it 3 stars on Goodreads.

The last book I finished was The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. I couldn't put the book down. I really liked it, except for certain parts that I ended up skimming over. I loved the ending. I gave it 4 stars.

Since then, I've got three unfinished books. Juxtaposition by Piers Anthony, Fire and Ice by Erin Hunter, and Freedom's Landing by Anne McCaffrey. I don't think I got very far in Juxtaposition before I gave up on it. I may still try to read it later. I am halfway through Fire and Ice, but I got sidetracked and forgot about it. And now I'm trying to read Freedom's Landing.

I have lowered my reading challenge goal from 12 books to 10. I've read 4 books so far, but I need to read 6 more in the next 4 months. I used to be able to easily read a dozen or so books a year, so I'm hoping that I can still reach this goal.

We've been to the theater a few times since March, but I can't remember when. We watched Godzilla, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. All three were pretty good movies.

TV shows…
This is what we've been watching/recording on a regular basis…

MST3K on Retro TV (it's fun to watch)
Last Ship on TNT (we really like it)
Falling Skies on TNT (we really like it)
The Strain on FX (we record this show and we like what we've seen so far)
The Lottery on Lifetime (we record this show and we seem to like what we've seen so far)

Doctor Who on Retro TV (currently in the second season with William Hartnell as the Doctor)

Under the Dome on CBS (we recorded it and have yet to watch it)

America's Got Talent on NBC (yes, we watch a talent show)

AGT: The Results on NBC

Defiance on SyFy (we recorded this show and slowly watching it)
Dominion on SyFy (we recorded this show and slowly watching it)
Last Comic Standing on NBC (we recorded it and slowly watching it)

Not much since Grimm ended.

Doctor Who on BBCA (the new "series" with Peter Capaldi started last Saturday)
Intruders on BBCA (a new show that started last week. It's slow at the moment.)
Orphan Black on BBCA (we recorded this show and slowly watching it)

We still have Netflix, but we seem to forget about it a lot. Hopefully, we'll start watching it again soon.

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