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Key happenings and daily thoughts
by LightHouse Keeper
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Re-sharing ,,,,Lighthouse Dungeon.. chapter1 and 2
December 1, 2021

Lighthouse Dungeon
A short story
by Lighthouse Keeper

Yes.....The seas were throwing themselves against the rocks and the Lighthouse base with such force and fury that the Lighthouse shuddered at times. The storm had no intention of letting up. It was as if it was punishing ( whipping if you will) the Lighthouse and it's Keeper's residence. Was it? it?


Chapter 1 The Sea Does Not Forget

There stands the well built Lighthouse. It's design and construction are so blatent a phallic symbol it should make a young girl blush.....with it's strong round base....smooth circular shaft.. circumcized head ( lantern house),,,,,,standing like an erect hard-on upon the cliff, begging for attention and gratification. The out buildings and Keeper's house are symbolic balls and scrotum.
A cocked cock standing in defiance of the lady....THE lady............Mother Sea. But it is the duty and responsibility of the Lighthouse and It's Keeper to keep the Lady's sea travelers safe from the sharp rocks and cliffs. Neglect of the Lighthouse would spell doom for any ship entering the treacherous coastline on her way to her destination.
And neglect was a serious way. If only that red Corvette had not blown the right rear tire on the curve of road directly across from the lighthouse. And if only the driver had not been fingering herself to her third orgasm ,,,,she might have been able to control the Vette before it skidded off the winding road near the lighthouse.
But skid it did...and thump....It deposited itself and driver gently in the grassy ravine close to the Lighthouse base......From the Lantern House, Blake Duveaux saw the incident as it was ocurring...He could tell that the vehicle settled softly in the ravine mud and could not be seen from the road. The lady driver made no attempt to get out of the car....Her head was thrown back and was thrashing from side to side..then forwards,then back again! Ahhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,with his keen eyes, Blake could see the lady had her hand up her short leather skirt and was finishing her orgasm ..even with her knees bleeding from the impact...she fingered her clit button.....and till it throbbed with such a convulsion she almost had to squirt her soul thru the pink cone inside her smooth hairless cunt lips.......Blake watched.....seeing she was in no distress his own sexual energies were awakened....His cock throbbing as he watched the show sixty five feet below. As he watched the woman twitch and cum ....he did not see the dark towering cumulonimbus storm clouds on the horizon.....Damn his cock felt long had it been since he dipped his wick inside a cunt?,,,,,,,three months??........Fuck no!......four and a half!!The repairs in the Lighthouse basement took longer than anticipated. The project turned into something more than just a water sealing treatment....He renovated it into a "Dungeon/playroom".. Stone walls.....Iron hooks and chains.....a few yard sale swords and Knight antique mohoganny armoure with bi fold doors, and a massive wooden table stood between the two small windows just a foot above ground level. A stone fireplace with hearth made the circular room..perfect, in Blake's eyes....Even the heavy wooden door with iron rivoted door straps and hinges added to the decor.
The woman threw her head forwards.......and held it there as she gushed and spewed her wet spasms onto her glistening fingers.......Damn Blake was hard......Harder than Chinese Algebra!.......He opened the door from the lantern room....and bolted down the two hundred and eight steps on the spiral staircase...He was on a mission!....He did not see the towering clouds looming closer......or the dead calm of the normally twitchy beach waves....... He had a nine inch cock that was needing serviced...and the chance to get it pleasured and his cum filled balls emptied had just been deposited to him in his front yard......Down the stairwell he plummeted....pre cum already oozzzzzzzzzing in anticipation........

( to be continued )LHK..02/06/05


Chapter 2

Lighthouse Dungeon Chapter2
February 8, 2005

( A continuation of the story)

Chapter 2.......She should not have done that!

As Blake aproached the semi burried topless Corvette, he could hear whimpers and groans coming from the driver. He was well trained in First response having been an EMT for several years in the city but he chuckled to himself over these particular noises. These were classic murmmers and grunts of a woman bringing herself to a powerful self inflicted orgasm,,,,,
Blake stood at the back of the Vette and quietly watched the show. The pretty redhead was pinching one of her exposed nipples as the other hand was thrusting and twisting it's cunt slickened fingers deep inside her pantyless crotch. She remained strapped into the driver's seat even though the engine had died.
AhhheMMM!....Blake cleared his throat, letting the woman know that he was behind her....Undaunted by the knowledge that she was being watched....This mystery woman asked without looking back in his direction........"Is there a cock about 3 feet below that sexy AhheeeemmMM??"
......Blake unzipped his jeans and stepped up onto to the back of the Vette......His 9 inch cock was pulsating with anticipation and he tipped His smooth shaft near the woman's back tipped head. As the woman's eyes saw the hard on she gasped and intensified her cunt masturbation...Blake peeled his jeans down to his knees and remained kneeling above the grunting redhead. His hairy balls were aching for a huge cum release.
She opened her mouth and flicked her tounge at the throbbing man muscle.....Blake kept the cock head just out of her mouth's reach....He smacked her forehead with his meaty dick...thwack!...Thwack!...and then wiped gooey precum into her red eyebrows........."Gimmie that fucking cock right now!",,she demanded between groans and grunts.

Thwaaaaaaack.......again with his cock onto her face...intentionally avoiding her open mouth. "Gimmie it you Fucker!" ...She made the mistake of trying to reach for it and grabbing it.....Blake grabbed the hand,,and sat down on it with his left knee....pinning it to the Vette back deck. Pressssssssing it firmly........Fucker!!!!!!!!she took her pussy juiced hand and reached backwards for his throbbing cock......only to have it intercepted and pinned down also with his remaining knee.....There sat Blake....cock ,balls and ass cheeks out in the open...pinning the writhing redhead's hands down to her Corvette with his knees....Both titties are exposed and the short leather skirt is hiding very little..The seat belt kept the woman from attempting to rise.........But Blake was in charge.
With only minimal effort,,,He eased his pulsing cock into his lovely prisoner's Hot mouth....MmmmMMMMMMMfffff.............she muttered....Blake reached down with both free hands and tugged upwards with each pink nipple.....stretching them tight....MFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!....She was cock stuffed now and could only breath thru her nose......Her wet hot mouth felt like a pussy with a pissed off snake inside it. mmmFFFFffFFFmmmmmm.....Yes!!!............You dumb fucking Shity assed Vette crashing cunt.....Drink THIS!!!....And Blake let loose a torrent of thick white man cream......Sploooooooosh......Spewwwwwwww....Spuuuuurtting his seed deep down her gullet..wave after earth shattering wave of cum left his swinging balls and slithered down this cunts throat like a river of cum chowder.........GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD DAMMMMMNNNNNN....Take it all, you sex starved cock sucker!........Splooooshing...squisssssshing... shooting spewwwwwwing the cum....transfering his salty seed into his newfound play toy...She had no choice but to swallow..

The skies were getting darker..and an ominous errie stillness filled the air....What she did next,,,,,,set the stage for the next four days of torment and dungeon play...Blake style!

( to be continued) .......LHK ( O2/07/05)
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