Today is November 29, 2021
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Heaven Help me by fourplet
November 2021
6Prayers to the universe
14I don't think it works that way
23Keeping your convictions

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Keeping your convictions
November 23, 2021

Things will come down to the wire with Austen, all dependant on final exams for a child who doesn't test well. I learned property appraisal last night in 3 hours (thank youtube, Chegg, and her instructor's video) to help her study for the final over thanksgiving. I keep telling her that May isn't too long, and she will have had the course content already. We shall see.

What I wanted to document is the accomplishment of my husband. When we met, he was a rung on the corporate ladder ahead of me on his way to becoming an Executive. New leaders were brought in, and Mike's light was phased out due to no fault of his own. He was crushed to be a witness to the opportunity taken away from him. We got married, and we talked from time to time about playing the game, doing what is asked, whether right or wrong. The answer was always, and I don't want to win that way. Right now, I'm good. I can leave work when the kids need something, and I can coach their extracurricular, etc.

So for the better part of 13 years, this is what he did. Along the way, he made many executives successful and watched them move up and beyond while he fed the ideas, the words and wrote the presentations of his ideas to be given by others. And he supported my career growth.

He was always the cheerleader when I lost confidence, always willing to let me bounce ideas off of him and quite honestly growing my career with his thoughts as well. Having the same job is easy like that. You always have someone in the know to play devil's advocate.

About two months ago, he was asked to apply for an Executive position. He stated his requirements upfront - what is suitable for the organization and the people doing the work as he has done before. Many told him to play the game. He didn't; he stood by his convictions to ensure everyone 'wins.' He loves the work and cares more about the work than dollars and title. He has the knowledge of the companies Digital journey all in his head as he was part of standing it up. He has helped so many over the years gain long-term incentives when he has not. Yesterday, he was offered the job on his terms. The offer was above and beyond his current salary -in hopes of right-sizing the salary gap of years of not being compensated. The promotion was the biggest win even after the retention bonus he was given this spring.

I'm proud of him, and I'm pleased to know he stood by his convictions and he played the only game he was willing to play. He went to College on an ROTC scholarship to UT. He didn't finish, paid the scholarship back because school wasn't for him. He wanted to be learning and doing, and this accomplishment shows that. His parents have always pushed him to go back to school, get the paper, and play the game. So yesterday, I texted his mom to let her know of his accomplishment.

Mike asked me why I did that - 'Because they need to know how great you are at your job, how your education is in the things you do, read and create - not a piece of paper playing the game. He got emotional. I couldn't understand what I had done wrong. I've seen him this emotional during extremely trying times. I hugged him, said I was sorry - I didn't realize it was wrong. He just sobbed. I asked him -' What?'. His reply - I just wished my dad could understand this, really understand this accomplishment'. My heart ached for him.

His dad is rapidly advancing his Alzheimers like disease. At one time, he was the head of White House communications during his time in the Air Force. He rode on airforce one, shook hands with many state officials and foreign dignitaries. He was an executive at Mike's place of work after he retired from service. If this had happened just two years ago, Mike's dad would have KNOWN what this means, and he would have been so proud. I hurt for my husband for having lost this chance to demonstrate the man he is and give his dad the comfort he needed to say, 'see, College wasn't for me, but we are okay. I'm doing fine. "

I'm immensely proud of this man. Lucky to have someone support me when he was supporting others' careers before his own. I'm glad the company finally woke up and acknowledged the powerhouse he is.
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