Let's Take A Moment by mal_clarke
November 2022
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10A Series of Small Setbacks
12Mad Trip to Glasgow
29Recalling my London trip recently
Mad Trip to Glasgow
November 12, 2022

One of our clients at work was due to have an important visit and as I am based much closer to Glasgow than London colleagues I offered to attend.

It meant an early start and I had to catch a train to Edinburgh at 7.27am, wait an hour until a connection train at 10.26am, then get to Holytown where I’d booked a taxi for the 20-minute ride over to the venue from 11.30am.

I was up at 5.35am and did the pre-train routine of shower, dressed, bag packed, medication, breakfast and drove to my Dad’s where I arrived at 6.40am. We left at 6.50am and I was at the Durham train station platform in time to see the 7.13am train to Edinburgh fill up and leave. My train departed at 7.27am.

As we got our first stop, Newcastle, the driver sent a message through the speaker that due to a collision between an object and a train between Newcastle and Edinburgh, the train was terminating at Newcastle. It may well have been the 7.13am train that had the problem, I'm not sure. Anyway, I alighted from the train and stood on the platform for a bit, not sure what to do!

I texted the client and said I would keep her informed. I spoke to an attendant, who didn’t know very much. Then I discovered (through a guy who had spoken to the driver) that the ‘object’ was apparently a sheep and it was unlikely the line would be operational for a couple of hours. That would be too late.

I rang my Dad and he kindly set off to collect me and return me to my village. After walking to a location near the Newcastle Arena, fortunately it was a very pleasant, warm, morning and the location was easy for my Dad to drive to, I was driven back to my parents’ house where my car was, arriving at 9.10am.

So at this point I’ve been travelling for four hours and got nowhere.

I immediately took the car to the petrol station, rigged up the sat nav and drove the three hours to Glasgow, arriving at the venue at 12.10pm, in good time for the visit to start at 1.00pm. After all the carry on I was only 20 minutes later than I had first planned.

The visit went well and I set off at 3.00pm for the return journey home, arriving back at 5.45pm.

The drive up there is easy. First to Hexham, which is easy enough, but on winding roads, then another 20-mile chunk to Carlisle, similar road style. Then another 30-mile chunk on the A69 before you hit the A74/M74 up to Scotland where, at that point, I had 90 miles left, 86 of which were straight up that road which was easy to stomach. Easy.

Unfortunately, that route being reversed on the way back was less fun. An easy 90 miles to start then a 60-mile stretch where psychologically it felt like I was nearly back when in reality I wasn’t. Much less fun and not a drive I'd like to repeat again.

This morning I had to catch up on emails, which I completed earlier and now I’m off to the Football to watch some non-league. There’s only about 40 people there normally. I like the escapism and I just focus on enjoying the game.

Next week I'm in London Tuesday to Thursday, I won't be sad to see Friday come around.

Finally, I have a potential interview with a new company. More on that another time, but it's a positive thing on what has been a very difficult and frustrating week.
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