Make me a bird so I can fly far far far away by Shalamar
October 2021
21Squid Game
Squid Game
October 21, 2021

Bet that got everyone's attention. I did watch and like it. Except for the ending. I was shouting at the tv. Nooo, don't go back. Go get your daughter and be a REAL father. Just another disappointment.

We have finally hired some more Techs at work. I've been the only one on my shift for longer than I can remember. So hard to be therapeutic when you're on burn out. I also worked so many night shifts 7pm-7am that I seriously started looking for another job. I finally complained about it to my boss and he pushed my next night rotation to March when I was scheduled to go back this month. Hmpth.

Went shopping today to get the kids their Halloween costumes. Sissy decided on some boho princess costume, and Papa got a Mario costume. Too cute. I've been having a lot of good Mom/daughter days with sissy. I've been doing her nails. She just talks about school and what she likes. Both of them are actually doing some after school curricular. I never pushed them to do anything like that because I'll never be that soccer Mom. I love and support my kids but I have my own hobbies.

Speaking of costumes a lot of us at work have decided to dress up on the day we're allowed and we decided on South Park characters. I'm going as Kenny. I ordered the hood on Amazon. lol.

Shaggy has quit drinking. Finally! I'm so excited about it. It has been nice not having to stress about it. Heck I've quit drinking too. It's been four months now for me. More like one month for him. I actually quit drinking soda, alcohol, and energy drinks at the same time. I have back slid on the sodas. It's so hard. I crave that yummy sweetness. But based on some testing I'm pre-diabetic so I need to quit it for good. Getting old sucks. Shag had some blood clots but smoking is not something he has quit as of yet.

Reading some journals made me sad. So much loss going on. Y'all take care.
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