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April 2021

I’m Flexitarian… (a short ramble)
April 29, 2021

... and maybe one day, vegetarian. All because of documentaries and videos lately.

A flexitarian is someone who eats a mostly vegetarian diet but might indulge in the occasional meat. Some flexitarians might eat meat a couple of times a week (or more) to maybe a few times a year (or less). I think we are currently closer to the weekly end.


There was a documentary we watched the other evening that has me not wanting to eat fish again. I love seafood (including fish), but the documentary was disturbing enough that I want to do something. At the moment, I don't know what to do other than to stop eating fish and seafood. It'll be difficult but hopefully worth it.

I've also watched response videos to that documentary, which led to other videos, and now I want to eat less meat. So, I've decided not to bring any more meat into the house. I might still eat meat at a restaurant or at family gatherings (at least for this year). I know it'll be hard, but it should become easier over time.

And while I see myself maybe one day being a vegetarian, I do not see myself going as far as a vegan. I love eggs, cheese, etc a lot and feel it would be impossible to give those up at this point. I love how versatile the egg is and I love how it tastes in all its forms. Also, I love dairy products like sour cream, ice cream, and various cheeses. I have yet to find plant-based versions of these things that have just the right taste, texture, and "abilities" to trick me into believing they are what they're mimicking.

This year (starting nearly 5 months late), I am hoping to eat more healthy foods (and less packaged stuff), plan our meals, create a variety of meals that taste great (and not always the same old stuff), and experiment with foods outside my comfort zone (and add new favorites to our list). I also want to drink more water (that's not always flavored), try to walk daily, and find exercises that I can stick to.

Anyway, I am hoping to write in this journal regularly again. At least talk about my week regarding food and activity. At most, to keep daily track of what I'm eating and doing (for accountability?). I also want to share my favorite recipes, foods, etc.

Weighty Issues
by Christine
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