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September 2020

Struggling / A Reward System?
September 2, 2020

I weighed myself yesterday and I've lost weight. It wasn't the best time of the day, but it had been a couple of weeks since I had last stepped on the scale. If my scale is right, I lost 6 pounds since August 17.

Apart from that surprise, I've otherwise struggled with my eating. I'm back to grazing. Maybe not as much as before, but some days are better than others.

At least I am walking more. I try to get up every hour to move around for 5 minutes and take an evening walk of about 2 miles. I know I need to exercise in other ways, but I'll take what I can do.

My biggest struggle this week has been my fluid intake. If I try to drink just plain water, I might get less than 30oz of water a day. I seem to drink almost twice as much when it comes to flavored water, flavored fizzy water, etc. My goal is 60oz a day, so I need to work at it.

Overall, while I am happy that the scale shows a loss, I really need to work on everything else.

I'm thinking of offering myself a reward for trying to be healthier. Maybe stickers on the calendar could work. And if I get X number of stickers in a row, I can give myself a reward (preferably non-caloric).

For examples...

My goal for water is 60oz of water a day. If I reach that, I get a small star for that day. If I drink at least 1 glass more than that, I could get a bigger star or smiley face for that day. If I have a week of stars, I'll reward myself with a bottle of diet soda.

My goal for activity is to walk every day. If I can get all my "hours" a day, I'll get a small sticker. Then if I reach my steps for the day, another sticker. If I manage to do both, a bigger sticker (to replace the two small stickers). If I do really well for a week, then I'll reward myself with something.

My goal for eating is not to graze. If I just stick to 3 meals and 2 small snacks a day, I'll get a star or some other small sticker to indicate that I did well. If I have at least 20 of these stickers at the end of the month, then I can reward myself.

If I manage to reach each of these goals in a day, then I'll use a special sticker to indicate that. And if I get so many in a row, I'll have a special reward.

I am hoping this will help motivate me to reach my goals.


Weighty Issues
by Christine
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