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August 2020

Food Addiction / Friday Update
August 14, 2020

-When I have nothing to occupy my hands and mind, I gravitate towards food.
-If I'm highly emotional (happy, sad, angry), I'm likely to eat more food.
-I'm also a grazer because I don't usually eat "meals" (other than dinner).
-I will also eat more if there's "easy" (grab and go) food in the house.
-It doesn't help that we have an open-concept living space and that I frequently walk through the kitchen area.

I think there's something mental/behavioral with my food addiction, but the help I tried to get in the past never really addressed that. Most of the "help" just told me to not eat so much and to lose weight. One person didn't even think I had a food addiction if I was able to lose a lot of weight 10 years ago (despite that I gained all that weight back). Another person gave me a booklet that feels too restrictive and a bit dated with its info.

I know that tracking my food/exercise helped me in 2010, but I don't want to track my food/exercise for life just to reach and stay at my ideal weight. It's a chore and takes the fun out of eating, especially when eating outside our home. I need to find someone who can dig into my mind and doesn't just give me the same old "eat this, avoid that" advice.

I think I have an annual wellness check-up coming up next month and I plan to ask my doctor if she can refer me to someone that can help me.

I feel like I'm cutting back on my grazing and boredom/emotional eating, but still have a ways to go (some days are better than others). I'm also moving more each hour, trying to get my Fitbit's hourly goal of 250 steps, and going for a 1-2 mile nightly walk with my husband. But, I'm struggling to reach my water goal and haven't done any 10+ minute exercises (besides walking) this week.

Motivation: "Food can distract you from your pain. But food cannot take away your pain..." ~Karen Salmansohn

Weighty Issues
by Christine
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