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December 2019

A New Plan?
December 8, 2019

I was talking with someone at the health clinic on Friday and one of the topics was about how unhappy I was with my weight. They told me about this "Twenty-Steps to Weight Loss Success" booklet. They said it was either similar to or better than Overeaters Anonymous.

Glancing at it, it says to do each step as they come and not to read/skip ahead until I get there. Not wanting to spoil things, I have not looked beyond "Step 1". There's no timeframe on "Step 1", but I'm going to try it for a week.

Step 1 is to record my eating and not just the what, where and when. It also wants to know how, why, and "with who? (if anyone)". It wants me to write it down immediately after eating (or as soon as possible) and to be specific with each question. It also says not to change my eating habits during this step.

This actually sounds difficult the more I think about it. If I have to record these things after every time I eat, I might find myself wanting to eat less in response (out of fear of seeing how many times I eat in a day). While that might sound like a goal for the second or later step, it's not the goal of the first step. It actually does not say what the goal of step 1 is, but I assume it's to see if there's a pattern or something.

Anyway, I plan to start tomorrow and we'll see how well I do.


Weighty Issues
by Christine
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