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March 2019

Goals for Next Week
March 3, 2019

Monday is my official weigh-in day (when I get to write it down). I've gotten excited by some non-official weigh-ins, so I'm hoping I'm closer to those numbers than I am to last Monday's number.

Regardless of my weight tomorrow, these are my goals for next week...

I want to be drinking at least 60oz of water a day.
I want to be eating healthier, or at least a lot less junk.
I want to start exercising with a long term goal to be stronger, be more flexible and have more endurance.

To do those things, I will...
...track my water intake and strive to reach my goal every day. Regular water, herbal tea, and maybe even seltzer water should be the bulk of what I drink. Other fluids could be a treat at times. Don't drink calories.

...be mindful of what I eat and try to talk myself out of certain food situations (such as boredom/emotional eating). Treats are okay in moderation.

...explore ways to incorporate strength training in a way that I'll stick to for more than a few days. I will learn when and how to stretch. I will find other ways of getting cardio besides walking. And I will aim to get my 10 hourly "walks" on my Fitbit every day.

It might not sound like much to some, but it sounds like a lot to me right now. If I reach one of these goals, I'll be happy. All three and I'll be over the moon.


Motivational Quote: "What seems impossible today will one day become your warm-up."
Weighty Issues
by Christine
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"You have not failed until you quit trying." ~Gordon B. Hickley

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