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March 2019

Savoring a Treat / Tracking Thoughts
March 2, 2019

There's this brownie from a local baking company that tastes so good, but it's rich and probably not healthy for you. Whenever I'm in our locally run grocery store, I find myself gravitating towards it. Usually I eat the whole thing and then my stomach doesn't like it. But I don't want to deny myself this tasty treat.

Last night, we went to the local grocery store and I found myself buying the brownie. I had this idea of cutting it into 4 smaller pieces and making it last at least a few days longer.
So far, I've had 1 small piece and it satisfied me as if I had eaten the whole thing. And the best part... my stomach was satisfied too. No feeling of overindulging.

Now I have 3 pieces left that I stored in a little container. I am hoping to make them last until Monday. I want to prove to myself that I can enjoy a rich-tasting treat by cutting it into bite-size pieces and savoring it over a few days.


I started to track my water intake. For Friday, I think I drank about 3 mugs of herbal tea (at 8oz each) and 3 tall glasses of water (at 14oz each). My guesstimate is roughly 66oz.

And after I track water for a bit (maybe a week), I'll start tracking my food. I'm not crazy about tracking food because I usually don't measure or weigh my food, but if it helps me to lose weight... I have to do it.

The good news is... I think I'm eating healthier. I might still be eating a lot though, but most of it is veggies. I don't think I've had any meat in the past week. I'm still trying to figure what will be my "diet" (for example, what I can and can't eat in the home and what I'll allow myself to eat outside the home).

At some point, I will track my exercises. I still need to figure out how to make them stick for longer than a few days. Hopefully, I can get through whatever mental block is preventing me from exercising and be able to do more than just walk. I can't really get down on the floor at this time, so anything that I can do either standing or sitting would be great. More research is needed.

Anyway, I'm eager to see if I've lost any weight on Monday. If it's the same or higher than last Monday, I won't be happy but I'll hopefully learn from it. If it's lower than Monday's number, I'll be happy. If it's lower than the doctor's scale on Thursday, I'll be ecstatic. Whatever happens, I'll survive.

Weighty Issues
by Christine
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