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February 2019

The doctor's visit...
February 28, 2019

I saw the doctor today. My blood pressure is lower than last week, but it's still too high for her liking. So, she has upped the dose of the medication.

They weighed me today. Even though it was in the afternoon and I was dressed, it looks like I've lost 2 pounds since Monday. I don't know whether to officially track that number or wait till Monday to see what my scale says.

She also went over my test results, which are mostly in the normal ranges for my age... except for my cholesterol related numbers. I need to work on getting those numbers back to their normal ranges. The two that we're worried about is the HDL is pretty low and my triglycerides are very high. The LDL is high too, but not worrisome.

They also checked my glucose, which I was surprised by. I hadn't fasted, so it was a little higher than last time, but still within the normal range.

She asked me about my diet changes when I said I was wanting to be a vegetarian, but that a lot of vegetarian/vegan alternatives were higher in sodium than the non-vegetarian foods that they're trying to mimic. Anyway, she was okay with me taking a more "flexitarian" route with my diet. Meaning, I'm a part-time vegetarian (eating local eggs and cheese when I feel like it and eating meat on occasion).

She gave me some suggestions regarding the cramping I get when I try to exercise, so I'll try them and hope I can get back on the bike.

Overall, it was a good visit.


I feel the sun on my shoulders as I trudge towards the healthy wagon. There is hope that I might catch up to it soon.

Weighty Issues
by Christine
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