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February 2019

Little things...
February 26, 2019

I find that herbal teas and naturally flavored carbonated water that's been diluted are helping me get closer to my water goal. I also drink plain water, but it's not as fun.

I signed into two weight-loss goal-oriented sites this past week. MFP and SP. I've been a member of both for a long time, but I rarely used either. Well, hubby is a member of both as well. When he told me that he was using one of the sites, I had to check them out again. Boy, have they changed. They don't look any worse, so... we'll see.
I need the support and accountability that these sites can offer, but I am even happier when there are people I know that also use those sites.

I have yet to track my food or exercise.
When it comes to tracking food, I don't want to see myself go over on my calories or macronutrient, and measuring all my food sounds like a tedious chore at the moment.
When it comes to exercise, I am not sure what to do there and will wait to talk to the doctor about it.

I am getting bored pacing the apartment to get my hourly steps in, but it's winter outside. It's really cold out and the sidewalks are messy (and can be a pain to walk on). If it were spring or fall, I would love to get my steps in by going outside. Unfortunately, the first spring-like day could be 2 months away. So, I endure the indoors.

There are a lot of little things that will hopefully add up to success. I am hoping to reach certain numbers in 2 years' time. I'm still trying to calculate them at the moment, but I'll let you know if I can reach them (and when).


I feel like I'm getting up from the ground, but I'm not fully standing yet. I can see the healthy wagon chugging along and I know I need to catch it.
Weighty Issues
by Christine
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