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May 2018

How my week went / Goals for next week…
May 20, 2018

The beginning of the week involved a monthly visitor and the end of the week, a cold. Not the best times to weigh myself, right?

I've been keeping track of my daily goals for the week and giving myself points for how well I do. Here is how my first week went…

Get 250+ steps per hour for 9 hours (9am-6pm). - I did pretty well during the week, but poorly on the weekend.

Drink at least 60oz of water. - I've been drinking, on average, about 36-48oz of water. I was surprised… I thought I was drinking more.

No new sugary/refined carbs in the house. - I did better than I expected; only bringing a sugary snack into the house twice (Tuesday and Sunday).

Walk partly at a slightly faster pace. - I usually walk at a slow casual pace, but hubby said I did pretty good during our evening walks this past week.

Ask why I want food when I'm not hungry. - I struggled with this and often forgot to ask myself questions before eating something.

Write in my journal. - I started the week off strong, but then I had trouble thinking of what I wanted to say.

Overall, I think I did okay. I can see the areas where I need to improve. I hope to continue these goals for next week, plus some new goals on top of that.

My goals for the week ahead include…

250+ steps per hour for 10 hours (8am-6pm). - Bumping it up to be more of a challenge. I realize that if I don't have this challenge, I don't move as much.

Walk at a slightly faster pace. - I want to see if I can walk faster overall and not just for part of the walk.

Stop and ask myself why I want food when I'm not hungry. - I plan to put notes/messages on the fridge and cupboard doors that will hopefully discourage me from eating out of boredom / emotionally.

Try to do a modified plank for 10 seconds. - I know I said I wouldn't do any exercises till after I saw the doctor, but I saw a video of a girl doing a plank for over an hour (I forget how long she held it for). She made it look so easy, but I can't do a plank for even a second. So I found an easier version of the plank and hope to work my way up to 10 seconds within a week.

Move around 5 minutes for every 55 minutes of sitting. - Even though I struggled to do this before, I really need to get up every hour… and not just for those 250 steps. I need to prove to myself that I can be active. I'll start with 5 minutes and hope to eventually increase it to 15 minutes an hour.

Eat one small square of (85%) dark chocolate a day. - One way to make this work is to not award myself points if I eat more than one square. Plus, it seemed to work before if I assigned a specific window of time to eat that square. Like around 8pm or so, as the last piece of food for the day.

Spend 15+ minutes on a non-computer hobby a day. - I need to find ways to pull myself away from the computer. I need to get back to my hobbies that I keep saying I'll return to, like reading, coloring and plastic canvas. But I'll only get points by doing something away from the computer.

Anyway, tomorrow is my official weigh-in day. Since I had my monthly visitor last Monday, I'm hoping to have lost a couple of pounds, but I'll be happy with any kind of loss.

Weighty Issues
by Christine
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