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May 2018

Sparking Habits
May 15, 2018

In my attempt to be healthier, I've returned to two sites that I believe have and could help me. SparkPeople and Habitica. If anyone is curious about either one of them, I'd be happy to share what I know and like about each one. Or, if you're already on them, let me know. It would be cool to have an accountability buddy.


I am doing reasonably well with day 2 of my goals for this week. I'm getting most of my hourly steps. I'm trying to drink plenty of water. I'm walking a bit faster during our evening strolls (at least for part of it). And I'm about 50/50 with stopping myself from eating when I'm not hungry. I was doing well with the "no new sweets in the house" goal until this afternoon, when I got a cold chocolaty drink from the book store's cafe. Oh well… I'll move on and act as if I didn't slip up.

I need to focus on the mental aspect of this journey as well. I'd like to talk to someone who can address my emotional / boredom eating, as well as my sedentary / low-activity lifestyle. If I'm to lose weight, get active… I'll need to keep track of what, when, why, and how often I eat. Maybe even improve my food choices. I'll need to find fun exercises that I can stick to for more than a day or two. Maybe start with easy, low-impact, off-the-floor exercises. And, as needed, talk about my emotions and redirect my "boredom". Maybe rediscover old hobbies or something.

My 40th is in roughly 9 months. My wish is to be at or just below 200 by then, which is doable if I lose about 2 pounds a week every week till then. But, I will take this as slowly as needed.


I am taking baby steps until I see my doctor in 3 weeks. Then I'm going to ask her a lot of questions regarding my health. Maybe she'll refer me to a dietician or someone who can help with my eating. And maybe to someone who can help me find the right exercises for my out-of-shape body. Maybe the doctor will do blood tests and then, depending on my results, have me return in 6 months for more tests. Hopefully I'll be okay and won't need medication… just diet and exercise.

Anyway, those are today's thoughts.

Weighty Issues
by Christine
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