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December 2016

What's sabotaging my efforts?
December 22, 2016

Why is it that every time I try or even think to be healthier, there's always something or someone to sabotage it? Sometimes I feel too weak to fight them. But, I want to be healthy and confident in my body. So I cannot give up.

I am hoping that by writing these down, that I might be able to address them before the end of the year. Others may find that they have similar problems. I hope we can help each other.

In no particular order…

No willpower. I once made a simple bar of dark chocolate last 10 days. That's a big deal for me, because I love chocolate. Unfortunately, I seemed to have misplaced that willpower. I need it back so that I can have things like dark chocolate in the house without it "disappearing" in a day or two.

Addiction to food. We need food to survive, but we need healthy food to really thrive. So… why does unhealthy foods have to taste so good that trying to quit or cut back on them is difficult? I had successfully cut back on junk food years ago, was good for a while, but then something happened. Since then, I have had trouble going more than a few days without something unhealthy. The withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings are, at least, partly to blame.

"Well-meaning" people. An example… I visit someone once a week, and no matter what I say, they continue to give me unhealthy food. I've tried to suggest fresh fruit (or to have nothing at all), but they still want to give me something junky. They think this one thing is not going to affect my efforts to be healthy, but they do not know the struggle I have for the rest of the week because of these "treats". And if I don't start eating their offering right away, they think there's something wrong with me. Not wanting them to think there's anything "wrong", and to save the wildlife, I eat what they give me.

Inconsistent exercise. I have attempted to exercise every month for years, but I have trouble sticking with it every day. I think the problem is that I read somewhere that you couldn't exercise the same muscle groups every day… that exercised muscles need a day or two of rest. So I tried to exercise different muscles on different days and take one day to rest completely. Problem with that is, I would forget to go back to those exercises after that rest day.

Discomfort. Another problem with exercise is that my body seems to be really sensitive to discomfort and usually complains so much that I have to stop whatever I was trying to do. And it seems to complain a lot when I'm trying to exercise.

Winter. I love to walk outdoors and usually walk a few miles a day, but this seems to stop in the winter. It can get really cold here and we often get icy sidewalks. I've tried indoor walking, but it tends to get boring if you're aiming for at least a mile. So, what am I to do?

The scale. I usually weigh myself no more than once a week. Sometimes I forget for weeks or even a month. But nothing really changes. I seem to be stuck between two numbers (not going above a certain number and not going below a certain number). I keep hoping to get below a certain number, but I don't think it will happen this year.

I know what I have to do to be healthy and lose weight, but first I have to overcome these issues once and for all. I am hoping, by this time next year, that I'll be in control of these things and have better numbers.

Weighty Issues
by Christine
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