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December 2015

Restless in my own skin
December 23, 2015

My body is not as happy about being active as I want to be. It does not like it when I push myself to be active. I thought my body would be craving this energy, but… I don't know why my body decides to hurt more when I want to be active. Even walking, my favorite activity, seems to suffer when I try to push myself to be faster or take longer walks.

Yesterday, I managed to walk just over 10,000 steps for the first time since last Wednesday. My feet and knees were hurting by the evening, but I had pushed myself to go beyond my minimum goal of 6,000 steps. I was happy to feel the Fitbit buzz when I reached 10,000.

Today, I thought of taking a handful of smaller walks that would add up to 10,000 steps. I didn't want to do it all in one or two walks and end up in worse pain. But when I tried to stand up from the couch, my right knee complained loudly and even felt like it wanted to bend the wrong way. Even after walking around the room for a bit and taking an ibuprofen, it still seems sensitive to how I move. Now I'm sitting on a wooden chair that is a few inches higher than the couch, but where it's easier to stand up from without too much complaint from my knee.

My feet also hurt, but not as bad. They only complain if I try to walk at a decent pace. I don't mind walking at a turtle's pace, but I want to get some health benefits from walking as well. I want to be able to walk at a decent pace and even push myself at times, but I don't want to make things worse and be unable to walk for a few months (again).

This is frustrating me.

Note to self: Slow and steady...
Weighty Issues
by Christine
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