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December 2015

Curiosity and other things
December 11, 2015

Sometimes on Fridays, I get curious about my weight. The numbers are usually what I like to see, and I start hoping that the number will be about the same on Monday (my official weigh-in day). But weekends are difficult to stick to my goals, so it's sadly no surprise when Monday's number is higher than Friday's.

This morning, I was talking to Tracy before he left for work. After he left, I was curious about the scale. It was lower than this past Monday's number. In fact, I was excited to see it was lower than I had expected. And for once, I am not just hoping it'll be close to that number on Monday, but I plan to make it happen.


I took a walk by myself this afternoon because it was such a beautiful day (52*F in December). I took my pedometer. I pushed myself at times, got a bit sweaty and thought I felt my heart beating. I walked for almost an hour. I wanted to keep going, but my body was saying "go home". When I got home, I checked the pedometer. 1.75 miles in 50 minutes. The mileage didn't seem right, so I mapped out my route on SparkPeople and it said the route was 2.2 miles. That made me feel better.

Another site similar to SP said that 2.5mph is a leisurely walk. Maybe in a year it'll feel like that, but it's as fast as I can go at the moment.
It also said that I burned 305 calories in 50 minutes. SP said I burned 322. My pedometer was even higher at 432. Since I don't have a heart rate monitor, I don't know how much I actually burned.

I might go for another walk later.


I realized that I didn't measure myself when I started this journey, so I plan to do that before Monday (hopefully with Tracy's help). Looking at SP, it looks like the last time I measured myself was in July 2011. I like those numbers and hope to eventually be there again.


A goal change for next week…
Track food. I spent a month tracking "when and why" I ate, but now it's time to add the "what and where" as well. After another month, check to see if I need to track calories as well.

Overall, I'm doing well, but I know I can do better.

Weighty Issues
by Christine
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