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December 2014

Visual motivators, goals and rewards
December 19, 2014

I was curious about my weight today, and now I'm hoping it'll be the same or lower on Monday (my official weigh-in day).

I'm thinking of creating visual motivators for my weight loss journey. I think it'll help me stay on course when I hit a plateau. I didn't do these last time, and I got so frustrated with a 3-month long plateau that I fell off the wagon and gained more than what I had lost.

Here's at least 2 ideas I have for visual motivators…

My inner child wants a calendar filled with stickers.
-I'm thinking of either a desk calendar or a large wall calendar, with days big enough for at least 6 stickers.
-I was also thinking of a weekly planner and tiny/small stickers to keep track of certain daily goals.
-For example…A small blue star equals 8oz of water, and 8 blue stars equals a successful day for my water goal. A successful day means a bigger sticker on the desk/wall calendar.

I want something visual to track my weight each week.
-My idea: colored paperclips holding strips of colored paper to a ribbon and 3 "jars" for the strips of paper.
-Each Monday that I weigh myself, I take a blank piece of paper and write the date and my weight on it. Then I pick a piece of paper from one of the 3 jars. Finally, I use a colored paperclip to attach the two pieces of paper to the ribbon.
-If I lost weight, the rewards jar. If I gained, the encouragement jar. And if there's no change, the affirmation jar.

It was suggested that I also have a vision/inspiration board… pictures and words that represent what I don't want to be and what I want to evolve into. I'll have to think about this and look around for inspiration.

My goals for the rest of the month and into next month/year….
-Drink 8 cups of non-caloric fluids a day (water, unsweetened tea, etc).
-Control emotional and overeating habits every day. This may be difficult.
-Get up and move around for at least 5 minutes each hour (at least 1hr.20min a day).
-Sit still and quiet for at least 10 minutes a day. Kinda like meditation.
-Clean/declutter for at least 15 minutes a day. For a better looking home.
-Write in a journal at least 3 times a week. Bonus for writing at least 5 times a week.

Another thing I didn't do before was reward myself for reaching my goals. I've been trying to think of non-caloric rewards and looking for ideas, but nothing is jumping out at the moment. But an idea came to me the other day. What if I took my weekly and monthly treats and made them into rewards… that if I don't reach my goals, then I don't get those treats.

For example, I get a medium chai latte every Saturday afternoon. I can still get it every Saturday afternoon, but only if I reach my water goal for the week.

Weighty Issues
by Christine
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