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August 2014

New Plan...
August 31, 2014

I have an idea for my new attempt to lose weight. I'm not going to track food and exercise, even though it had worked in the past. I don't want something that feels like an every day chore …at least not right now.

For now, I'm thinking of focusing on three things for September. If I'm still sticking to my goals on day three, I'll allow myself a "small" reward at the end of the week. And if I'm still doing well after 21 days, I can have a "bigger" reward at the end of the month.

Three things I would like to focus on are…

>Limit (diet) soda to once a week. Drink seltzer water if I'm still craving something fizzy.
-This summer, I was drinking diet soda a few times a week and I want to cut back. I also want to try Seltzer water and if I like it, I'll replace the diet soda with that. I've looked on a few labels and seltzer water is just carbonated water with a little flavor added. There's no preservatives, acids, or artificial sweeteners like there is in diet soda. Eventually I want to see diet soda as a special treat and only drink it a few times a year.

>Limit sugar. Fruit and homemade goodies are OK. Maybe an ounce of quality dark chocolate a day.
-Right now, I've been consuming too much sugar. Quitting sugar cold turkey doesn't work for me, because it's so addictive. So I'm going to try weaning myself off of it. I'll start by avoiding added sugar if it's the first ingredient. It's going to be difficult, but I think I can make it manageable by allowing myself to eat fruit, homemade goodies and an ounce of dark chocolate (which supposedly has health benefits).

>Move more, sit less. Even pacing the apartment is better than just sitting. Exercise.
-Walking is easy; I just need to walk faster for it to be beneficial. But my biggest problem is that I sit a lot when I have nothing to do. I read that prolonged sitting is unhealthy, so I want to change that. My first step is to spend five minutes moving around for every 55 minutes of sitting down. Five minutes doesn't sound like much, but it's a start. If successful, I'll add more time each week.

I'm going to start on Tuesday, and I plan to stop in here at least once a week to report on how I'm doing with these challenges.

By the end of September, I want to…
-Be drinking (diet) soda no more than once a week.
-Have successfully avoided added sugar as the first ingredient.
-Be moving around at least 10 minutes for every 50 minutes of sitting.

Think positive!

Weighty Issues
by Christine
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