Today is May 22, 2022
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The Final Chapter by JUESSY
October 2021
6My Superpower is Avoidance

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My Superpower is Avoidance
October 6, 2021

I haven't forgotten about coming here to write. It's just hasn't been good lately. And I'm not completely comfortable bearing all that I am wanting to for this last chapter. I know if I start writing then that wave of emotion I've been burying and avoiding.. pretending it's not there even though I feel it's beady eyes..if I start writing to much it will swallow me.

I also still need to refresh my memory with all the codes and formats for adding or changing shit. It's not as easy now because I'm not on a computer. Just my phone and I'm older and it's harder to see 🙈

So now I'm just smoking bowls..blasting Clutch and battling demons..I haven't been able to sleep much so that isn't helpful to my mood at all. Slowly making it worse.

I will share a funny thing that happened. I had to go to the Post office to get a PO Box. And I ended up with PO Box 666. The guy was so apologetic and I just laughed. I told him that's just another example of the universe letting me know how hysterical it is. The number doesn't bother least I won't forget it.

Well, I'm gonna go check the forums for tutorials.. eventually I will get better at this. My other parts are insisting on it.
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