Today is September 18, 2021
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getting out while i still can by JUESSY
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September 7, 2021

Well, I didn't make it back yesterday but I'm here today before 7am so who knows...I might stick to this final year of this journal goal. Eventually I'll redo my profile to reflect my current self instead of the 2016 me. I won't even go back and read past entries this time. I remember writing here but I also remember deleting some stuff so I can only imagine what's on here from that time. It wasn't a good one. I'll go back and read the entirety this time next year. This thing has been around a good part of my life. I started it when I was 7 months pregnant with my now 18yr old. Such a different me back then compared to now.

But I should say something about the title. Today is 27yrs since my sister died. I created this account on her birthday in 2003. I'll write about her some more later today or another time. I'm in a mood but also not used to purging it out yet. I just working on getting into the habit so I can have a conclusion for this journal.
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