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January 2020
4I'm Still Alive....
11Days Still Move Fast....
Days Still Move Fast....
January 11, 2020

To start, a quick note....Days still move fast. What mean by that is it just felt like a day or two that I made that last post but here its already been a week. The same when I use to be am active journaler years ago and I would end up missing a few days. Dang....

Today is a day of reflection which is what brought me here. We are almost in the middle of January and its winter time here but today the temps rised to 60 degrees F. Today I was able to shut my furnace off and open the windows some to get the nasty winter stale air out and bring in fresh country air. And to boot, its raining out which makes it feel like an early spring day. Its days exactly like today which makes me remember the good days when I lived at my first apartment on my own. The days where I use to come and journal on. The days of absolutly no responsibility. Just music in the background and the sound of the rain outside. For me, it breaks the mentality of living day to day in a trance of everyday life. Its a moment when I feel open and focused to the true life around me. It gives me a new sense of creativity and a chance to decide in my life which direction I want to set course next. I guess it would be the after experience of doing a sesh of shrooms, not like Ive personally experienced it but a perspective of what Ive learned through reading material and videos. But the only diffference this time, an added feature if you wanna call it, is Im having the oppurtunity to smoke some pot I got today called "Gorilla Glue". From what Ive learned, it came from out of state and is known as a really good strain. Its working wonders. I feel really relaxed but still kinda focused and more mind able. Music of choice currrently is

TOOL: Aenima

Also to add more, tonight just adds to the collection or collaberation of this weather based memory. My first apartment isnt the only thing I think of during this weather. Theres more and one off the top of my head is back when I was a teenager around 16 or so and chillin in my bedroom listening to tunes. Thats why this is like a reflection day.

Another reason I dont get to journal must is because of my lovely wife. She use to know about this journal years back but I can guarentee she forgot all about it. Its a big deal because if she knew about it, she would want to know everything I wrote about and thats just something Id choose not to have happen. So for me to write, I have to have absolute privacy. But what does now help is that I have something to journal on now. My son got a chromebook for christmas from his grandmother and it the first PC we have had in this house since my old Compaq desktop from 2003. So besides having smartphones, there was no easy way to type.

But I do promise to make a better attempt to come on here and post more frequently. I know I've said that in the past, but this is the more able time than ever. I will make a better effort. A promise to myself.

With that, Im going to get off here and lay down and chill some.

Until next time...... Cheers!!!!

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